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Home Pest Control In Gaithersburg, MD

Protecting Your Gaithersburg Home From Pests

It’s hard to feel at ease in your home if you’re worried about roaches hiding in your kitchen cabinets or carpenter ants chewing through your walls. A pest infestation is a serious issue that can cause illness or property damage, and it won’t go away on its own. That’s why Absolute Home and Pest Solutions is here. We provide Gaithersburg homeowners with expert pest services you need to protect your home from pests. With over 20 years of experience, we customize our treatments to meet your specific pest control needs.

Our Company Philosophy

At Absolute Home and Pest Solutions, we are passionate about helping people solve their problems. To do this in a way that leads to long-term solutions, we know that experience and education are key. All of our service professionals have a high level of training, and we maintain our education to stay at the top of our industry. We also have over two decades of experience in pest control to guide us through every situation we encounter. This combination ensures you receive lasting solutions to your pest problems.

Our Treatment Process


We start our work by talking with you to gather information about your home and discuss what you’ve been experiencing.

Exterior Inspection

We begin our inspection outside to inspect plumbing and pipes, crawl spaces, and more to identify entry points and pest activity.

Interior Inspection

We look for any signs of pest activity behind appliances, in high traffic areas, under sinks, in closets and crawl spaces, and more.

Exterior Treatment

Our exterior treatment typically includes the treatment of the foundation, cracks and crevices, windows and doors, landscaping, and more.

Interior Treatment

Based on your needs, we may treat baseboards, behind appliances, under sinks, in closets, and other areas identified during the inspection.

Follow Up

Our services are available on a one-time, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on your needs. We’ll also educate you on preventative measures you can take.

Additional Home Services We Offer

Absolute Home and Pest Solutions is more than just a pest control company. We also offer a variety of home improvement services, along with pest-specific treatments. If you need something other than general pest control, check out our other service offerings below.

Pest Control Tailored To Your Needs

Skilled in a variety of pest control treatment methods, the service professionals at Absolute Home and Pest Solutions are not content to provide one-size-fits-all services. Instead, we customize a treatment plan to your home’s specific pest control problems so that you receive the exact services you need to live in a pest-free home. Contact us now to schedule your free inspection.