Wolf Spiders In Gaithersburg Should Not Be Ignored

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A wolf spider
You shouldn't overlook wolf spiders, but it’s hard not to notice them; these spiders can grow up to two inches long. 

Another detail worthy of mention is that wolf spiders are solitary creatures that live independent lives instead of in shared nests or colonies. If wolf spiders are in your home or yard, you likely have an infestation. Pest control in Gaithersburg can help you get rid of wolf spiders safely and quickly. 

Read on to learn how to identify wolf spiders and the dangers of having wolf spiders on your property. We’ll also provide information on the safest way to get rid of wolf spiders and how to keep these kinds of spiders away from your property.

How To Identify Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are large and hairy, ranging from half an inch to two inches long. These spiders have eight eyes—a set of two large eyes over four smaller eyes visible from the front, and another set of two eyes atop their heads—which are prominent and shine under light. Wolf spiders also have keen eyesight.

The Dangers Of Wolf Spiders On Your Property

Contrary to their large size, wolf spiders are not dangerous spiders. If provoked, wolf spiders bite, which can be painful and result in mild pain, swelling, and itchiness. Wolf spiders do not carry venom, but still, their venom can cause allergic reactions in some people.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Wolf Spiders

The only way to safely get rid of these really big spiders is with the help of professional pest control. 

With more than 20 years of combined industry experience, Absolute Home And Pest Solutions provide Gaithersburg homes and properties with pest control that’s customized to fit the unique needs of our clients. We offer free inspections and same-day service as often as possible and flexible scheduling to suit our clients’ busy plans.

How To Keep Wolf Spiders Away From Your Property

Despite the many suggestions online on ways to get rid of spiders on your own, there’s only one way to do it effectively, using pest control services and pest prevention. Pest control removes problematic pests and puts systems in place to keep them out, and prevention provides an added defense to keep pests from coming back.

Here are three practical tips to deter a future infestation:

  1. Keep rooms clean and clutter-free. Wolf spiders, along with many other pests, hide in the dark, quiet, undisturbed areas, and the more clutter there is, the more apt they are to go unnoticed. Clear out the clutter in all rooms and open shades or blinds to let in sunlight-wolf spiders dislike direct sunlight-and vacuum regularly.
  2. Check the foundation for signs of damage and promptly make repairs. Cracks in the foundation, tears in window and door screens, and weather-damaged wood can create openings in the infrastructure of a home or building where pests can gain entry. If the damage is significant enough to let in wolf spiders, you can bet smaller pests are doing so. Use caulking to repair cracks and replace broken screens. 
  3. Maintain your lawn care. Wolf spiders, like many other pests, are drawn to unkempt lawns, a sign that there are many places for them to hide. Cut the grass regularly, trim back tree branches, and discard fallen debris to maintain a pest-free property.

There’s no reason for Gaithersburg home and property owners to tackle wolf spiders independently. For help with wolf spiders and other pest control, call Absolute Home And Pest Solutions today.