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Termite Control In Gaithersburg, MD

Wood Eating Insects Are Here — Are You Ready?

Experts estimate that termites cause more than five billion in property damages every year, more than the entire GDP of the Bahamas. Home and business owners are concerned as these wood-eating creatures make a comeback in the states. Waiting for termites to go away on their own, or relying on over-the-counter treatments, will not be enough to prevent serious infestations from forming.

In comes Absolute Home and Pest Solutions. In business for nearly a decade, our professionals bring more than 20 years of experience in termite control to life. With a variety of solutions and custom-built treatment processes, we make it easier than ever to get and stay termite-free.

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What To Expect From Our Termite Control Process

The termite control process varies from home to home and is heavily reliant on the specific types, needs, and species in question. Absolute Home and Pest Solutions is careful to thoroughly inspect the house for the signs and symptoms of termites before ever applying treatments. Our termite inspections are always 100% free and will check for:

  • Exposed wood
  • Mulch colonies
  • Activity in crawlspaces
  • Mud tunnels in basements
  • Storage area concerns

Our professionals will also evaluate the home for signs of termite swarmers or alates, inspecting front doors and windows for any winged or flying vectors.

Absolute Home and Pest Solutions will schedule a same-day or future pre-treatment for additional peace of mind if we find no termites. However, if we find a termite infestation, our team will spring into action with a one to two-hour treatment process. This treatment generally includes solutions from Termidor:

  • Liquid Treatments
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Bait Stations

Absolute Home and Pest Solutions also provides additional termite control solutions, apart from our identification and treatment process. We offer pre-construction and new construction treatments to customer buildings of all kinds and WDI reports for real estate processes. We always provide a one-year warranty for home and business owners wanting a foolproof solution.

From the smallest alate activity to mature termite colonies, Absolute Home and Pest Solutions is prepared to help at any time. Call now to book a free termite inspection.

Preventing Termites From Entering Your Gaithersburg Home

Termites gravitate to properties with moisture, food, and soil-to-wood contact. Here are some easy ways to prevent termites from entering your home or business in the Gaithersburg area.

  • Repair any leaks, cracks, or gaps around the home. We always recommend waterproof sealant.
  • Examine basements for flooding during heavy rains. Regular flooding may damage wooden structures, attracting termite colonies.
  • Remove excess mulch around the home. Consider updating your landscaping with peat stone, river rock, or gravel.
  • Examine wooden walls, floors, and any exposed wood for frass (a sign of termite activity). Use a flashlight to reveal these tiny signs of an infestation, and note any quarter-inch holes nearby.

If you find any frass or fine sawdust in strange places, you'll want to book a free termite inspection. Call Absolute Home and Pest Solutions today to book a convenient time.

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Even if you aren't struggling with termite suspicions at the moment, prevention is always key to avoiding potential termite infestations. Contact Absolute Home and Pest Solutions today to book a free termite inspection or to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services in Gaithersburg, MD. We're standing by to take your call throughout our business hours.

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