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Rodent Control In Gaithersburg, MD

Exterminating Rats And Mice - One Rodent At A Time

If you've lived in the Gaithersburg area longer than a few months, you're likely all too aware of the city's high rodent population. Rats and mice are frequent visitors to residential and commercial properties alike, while the occasional squirrel or gopher cause additional damages and concerns. Although you might be doing your best to keep these animals at bay, there's no way to eliminate your risks for a rodent-based infestation completely.

That's why Absolute Home and Pet Solutions is Gaithersburg's number one provider of high-quality rodent control. Not only can we quickly determine the size and location of a rat or mouse problem, but we can extract them from your property within a matter of weeks. Total rodent freedom is just a phone call away!

The Absolute Home And Pet Solutions Rodent Control Process

Rodent control looks different for every household, which is why Absolute Home and Pet Solutions changes our approach depending on your unique situation. Baits and traps are two of our most popular solutions, implemented seamlessly around the home or business.

Our technicians easily identify active rodents with the art of home improvement side cameras. We will be able to see behind walls to check for rat or mouse colonies and use a unique fish-eyed telescope to travel directly through the wall. Armed with these tools, we can identify potential infestations in no time.

For property owners choosing traps, our technicians will return to the home within 30 days to check for signs of activity. We will check these traps during every recurring visit to ensure we remove all pests. For homeowners needing an extra barrier of protection, our technicians can provide sanitation and clean-up services for undesirable pest waste.

For homeowners choosing a bait solution, our technicians will be sure to treat any affected areas. We also perform exclusion work and attic insulation to add another layer of defense after post-infestation rodent damage. One treatment session is usually enough, but our team is always open to returning for sanitation services.

Contact Absolute Home and Pest Solutions to schedule a rodent control treatment right away.

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Rodents From Infesting Your Property

Rats and mice don't select infestation sites for no reason. If your property offers the perfect blend of food, water, and security, it may become a haven for rodents of all types.

The following five steps will help prevent additional infestations from ravaging your home or business property:

  1. Place all food items in sealed containers or simply inside of a refrigerator.
  2. Clean up any spills immediately, and keep tight lids on garbage bins at all times.
  3. Seal up any openings around utilities and plumbing, as well as other common entry points for rats and mice.
  4. Never leave pet food outside, and remove any extraneous food sources from your property.
  5. Keep rodents out of attics and other tight spaces by sealing all upper entry points.

No matter your situation, professional rodent control for homes and businesses is available in Gaithersburg, MD! Call Absolute Home and Pest Solutions today for a quote as soon as possible.

For Gaithersburg Rodent Protection, Call Absolute Home And Pest Solutions

No one should have to live in fear of a rodent infestation, but it's a common problem that many Gaithersburg property owners either tolerate or fail to notice. Take the guesswork out of your home's protection with the professional services of Absolute Home and Pest Solutions. Submit a contact form to connect with an agent now.