How To Protect Your Gaithersburg Home From Termites

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a termite crawling on wood
Termite treatment options can be overwhelming, especially if you want to ensure that this pest stays far away from your home. Fortunately, pest control in Gaithersburg can provide you with termite treatment options that are sure to eradicate infestations of this insect and protect your property from future invasion.  

The Life Cycle Of Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are one of the most common termite types to encounter around your Gaithersburg home. Like most other termites, this insect is small and white to tan in color. They live in underground colonies and use mud tubes to protect themselves from exposure as they tunnel from your yard to the wood of your home.

Subterranean termites start as eggs before hatching into nymphs and then reaching adulthood. As adults, they will take a position in one of three castes – workers, soldiers, and reproductive (also known as swarmers). Only the swarmer termites will leave the nest to try and start a new colony elsewhere.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Your Home

As termites start to invade your home, you likely won’t notice the damage they cause. Termites will tunnel away and hollow out the wood of internal structures; it takes a widespread infestation before significant signs of termite damage become evident. By that point, it can be challenging to eradicate the termite infestation.

Here we list the many ways that termites can damage your home. Keep in mind that termite removal provided by a quality termite and pest control company is the only way to fight and prevent this damage.

  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Sinking floors or hardwood flooring that breaks easily
  • Pinpoint holes in drywalls or baseboards
  • Dipping ceilings
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Bulging walls or peeling and bubbling paint on walls
  • Wood that breaks easily or appears damaged
  • Risk of structural collapse due to hollow wood

Natural Ways To Make Your Home Less Appealing To Termites

A fantastic natural way to get rid of termites is to implement prevention tactics. These steps can help keep termites off your property and stop infestations before they get started:

  • Treat moisture issues around your yard and fix leaks on your property. Ensure that gutters are clear and that your yard has proper drainage, as moisture leads to damp wood and makes termite nesting conditions more favorable.
  • Seal up potential termite entry points around your home by fixing cracks in the windows, doors, utility areas, and the foundation. 
  • Reduce soil to wood contact by placing a barrier between the soil in your yard and any wood foundation of your home. This makes it more difficult for termites to cross over and invade.
  • Remove debris from your yard, such as fallen branches, woodpiles, and leaf litter. Also, keep the grass trimmed low and store firewood far from the home to make your yard less desirable.

The Most Effective Termite Control For Gaithersburg Homes

For termite removal, you can depend upon, reach out to the best quality termite and pest control company in Gaithersburg - Absolute Home And Pest Solutions. Our professionals at Absolute Home And Pest Solutions will be able to thoroughly inspect your yard and provide you with tailored, effective solutions that eradicate infestations of this pest. With the help of experts, you can avoid termite damage and reclaim your property in no time at all.