What To Do About Rats On Your Gaithersburg Property

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a rat sniffing a house
When you see a fat little rat waddle through your yard, it can raise many questions. You're likely to want to know if that rat is getting into your home, how much of a threat it presents, and what you can do to keep it out. Along with this, you may wonder how you can drive that rat, and any other rats, off your property.

Let's take a look at how to manage rats in Gaithersburg and discuss some natural and effective ways to find rodents and drive them away.

Signs Of A Rat Infestation On Your Property

If you have a rat in your yard, there are a few ways to determine whether or not it is getting into your home. The signs of rats can be easy to see when you know what to look for and where to look.

  • Examine the exterior of your home and look for droppings. These may be in hard-to-inspect locations, such as under a deck, patio, or porch. The appearance of droppings is not definite proof that rodents are getting into your home, but this warning sign can help you figure out where they're hanging out. More activity near your exterior walls means a greater chance of entry.
  • Rats will use gaps to get into a home. If you see a gap, inspect it for traces of black smears or smudges. This is evidence that rats are using this gap to get into your home.
  • Rats can make their own entry points. If you see wood that has been chewed, or chewed holes in wood, rats may be to blame. Keep in mind that a hole only needs to be the size of a quarter to let a full-grown rat inside.
  • Inside your home, you can do a detailed inspection for rat droppings, grease marks, holes, and the scent of urine. Look in dark spaces, tight areas, and behind appliances.

When you find evidence of a rat, or a group of rats, it is best to contact pest control in Gaithersburg for rodent control. This is due to the health threats they present.

Why Rats On Your Property Are A Major Health Concern

There are several diseases rats carry. They also carry ticks and fleas, which transmit diseases as well. We can't tell you how much of a health threat rats will present. All we can say is that there is a potential for disease transmission.

Another way rats can impact human health is that they chew on wiring inside man-made structures. This can spark a fire and have dire consequences.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats

Rats reproduce quickly and their assault on your home can be relentless. It is important to understand that you're not just getting rats out of your home, you are also working to keep those relentless rats from getting inside again. If you're in Gaithersburg, contact Absolute Home And Pest Solutions for assistance. Our trained and experienced rodent control professionals can give you the results you're looking for.   

Five Natural Tips To Prevent Future Rat Infestations

Before rats get into your home, there are five natural tips that you can use to keep them out.

  1. Use a caulking gun and other maintenance items to seal gaps, cracks, and holes.
  2. Bolster your defenses by using hardware cloth to seal louvers, wire mesh to keep rodents out of downspouts, and metal flashing to protect areas that are being targeted.
  3. Remove vegetation from your landscaping to open things up. Rodents don't like to move around out in the open.
  4. Remove objects that rodents can hide under, particularly wood and other organic materials.
  5. Remove food source options. Keep garbage protected. Remove bird feeders. Pick up fruit, nuts, etc.

If more control is needed, keep in mind that Absolute Home And Pest Solutions offers year-round pest control that includes rodent management. Reach out to us to learn how this works.